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Weifang Sime Darby Port Co., Ltd.


Weifang Sime Darby Port Co., Ltd. (“Weifang Port”) began construction in 1996. Operations commenced two years later in 1998. Following an invitation from the Weifang Municipal Government to invest in the Ports & Logistics business in the city and further develop Weifang Port, Sime Darby incorporated Weifang Sime Darby Port Co., Ltd. (WSDP) in August 2005.


Weifang Sime Darby Port Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company between Sime Darby Overseas (HK) Ltd. (80.6%), Sime Darby Utilities Sdn. Bhd. (18.4%) and Weifang Port Co., Ltd (1%). In April 2009, Weifang Port achieved first tier port status as awarded by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation of the People’s Republic of China. In December 2010, the Shandong Provincial Government and Ministry of Communications and Transportation conferred the title of ‘Regional Important Port’ to Weifang Port.


Located within the prime region of the Bohai Sea’s economic belt, Weifang Port lies strategically within the network of Longkou Port, Yantai Port, Weihai Port, Qingdao Port and Rizhao Port. Weifang Port’s prime location makes it an excellent gateway and a natural choice for cargoes from Central, Northern and Western Shandong and Weifang city.



Weifang Port has established strong domestic shipping routes with neighbouring cities along the coastal areas, Yangtze River and inland rivers, as well as international shipping routes to Japan, and South Korea and other nearby countries. Since incorporation of WSDP in 2005, Weifang Port has seen an increase in its customer portfolio from 70 companies to over 700 companies. 


Today, the port has become a pivotal logistical transition point for over 30 different types of cargoes, catering to various sectors and industries in China, namely chemical, energy, agriculture, paper products, construction materials, engineering and other manufacturing industries. Since incorporation of WSDP in 2005, Weifang Port has seen an increase of annual throughput from 3.8 million MT to 20.0 million MT.  In 2012, Weifang Port launched its container operations, a milestone development for the port in its vision to establish itself as a leading ports and logistics player.

Weifang Sime Darby port has a total coastline of 4,122 meters with a main channel depth of 12 meters.As of December 2015,there are 23 berths at weifang simedarby port; including eight 50,000 deadweight tonnes(DWT) berths,six 20,000DWT operational berths. Additionally,the port has a total storage yard area of two million square meters and a warehouse storage capacity of 38,000 tonns.Recognised as a regional important port in shandong area,weifang sime darby port is mainly engaged in the loading-unloading and storage of bulk cargo, general cargo,liquid chemicals and containers.Capable of providing services in five major areas namely dry and break bulk,container,liquid chemicals,drop-and-pull and RO/RO,and sea-river intermodal transportation,Weifang Sime Darby port is a national class 1 open port wIth a direct shipping route to Taiwan.


Future Expansion


–      3 x 50,000 DWT Multipurpose berths

–      2 x 30,000 DWT container berths

–      4x 50,000 DWT liquid  tank terminal

The master plan also includes infrastructure enhancement which will feature an inter-port railway track, pipelines and access roads connecting its terminals along both the Eastern and Western seaboards. 

Key Operations

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